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UK’s largest Primark opening in Kingston

The UK’s largest Primark will open its doors to the public in Kingston, on Friday (March 30).

The megastore in Eden Street is the result of refurbishing and extending by three floors, the original Primark in Eden Street. The expansion also included the demolition and redevelopment of the Friends Meeting House next door.

The budget clothes chain relocated to the former BHS unit in the nearby Eden Walk shopping centre, in 2016, while work was carried out. Staff from this store and 100 extra employees will move to the new outlet.

Companies working on the RG Group project have included Apex Steel Structures, WML Consulting and Top Glass.

Archaeologists had been called in to excavate the site of the Quaker meeting house which dated to 1773. The survey by Cotswold Archaeology recorded features dating from the Saxon to the modern period. The large Saxon ditch contained animal bone, pottery and  iron smelting debris.

It also revealed human remains from 17 modern Quaker burials. All have now been reburied.

(Photo shows Kingston’s Primark under construction. Courtesty of WML Consulting)


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