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Shops, offices and 83 homes for New Malden

A development of shops, offices and 83 homes has been approved for a prime site in New Malden.

The proposal from SGN New Malden involves demolition of the existing buildings and construction of a 3-5 storey building, a 6-7 storey building and 42 basement car parking spaces. It was approved by Kingston Council’s Development Control Committee on March 20.

The site in Coombe Road is next to New Malden train station and close to Apex Tower and CI Tower, both 16-storeys high. Developing it would help meet the council’s vision of New Malden District Centre as “a thriving and attractive shopping destination with a good range of walk-to retail provision to meet the needs of the diverse local community.”

The residential units’ mix includes four studio units, 24 one bedroom units, 38 two bedroom units and 17 three bedroom units.


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