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Cambridge Road Estate

The Council has submitted a bid to the Mayor of London for a new Housing Zone and grant funding, focussed around the Cambridge Road housing estate but also including small Council-owned sites around the borough. The Mayor’s Housing Zone programme is intended to increase and accelerate housing supply in London. Twenty Zones have already been created and the Mayor’s intention is to create ten more by the end of his term.

The Cambridge Road estate comprises around 830 dwellings. If the Housing Zone bid is successful and the grant funding secured the area will be confirmed as a Council and Mayoral priority for housing which will pave the way for better Council housing, the provision of hundreds of additional homes and supporting infrastructure.

The first new homes on the small sites could be delivered by 2018 with all sites completed or under construction by 2019. The Council will be leading on the schemes’ design with its residents and will be procuring construction and development partners to help deliver the schemes in due course.

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