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New category for Kingston Business Excellence Awards

Is your business or organisation committed to helping the next generation upskill? Are you actively working to help young members of staff develop their careers?

The new Business Commitment to Education and Skills category of the Kingston awards aims to recognise and reward firms in the borough that are helping young people in the workplace.

Christopher Hirsch, Managing Partner of the 2017 Best Business for Staff Training and Development, Holland Hahn and Wills, says committing to the career development and training of young members of staff is integral to his business.

He said winning the award last year was hugely positive for his company and he urged businesses in the borough to enter the new Education and Skills category.

Chris commented: “There were three main advantages to winning, which made entering the awards worthwhile.

“Firstly, you get an enormous amount of publicity, which is wonderful.

“Next, going through the application process makes you realise where your strengths and weaknesses as a company lie.

“Finally, it gives your staff a boost, because they like being part of a winning team.”

The Business Commitment to Education and Skills category recognises organisations that go the extra mile to prepare young people for employment, through formal and informal employability and skills schemes, work experience, employment routes and apprenticeships. Please note this category is not for apprenticeship placement organisations.

The judges are looking for a business with:

• Evidence of partnerships and collaboration that engage with broader schemes to meet needs of apprentices/young people within the area
• Tangible support, including a range of activities such as school visits, employability skills (CV writing, interview techniques), work experience and routes to employment
• Evidence of engagement and impact, including diversity and inclusion
• Organisations that can showcase the commercial benefits of their commitment
• A long-term, planned approach to employing young people.

For more information or to enter, visit and click on the Business Commitment to Education and Skills category link

Picture shows Young Holland, Hahn & Wills team members Betsy McKenzie and Luke Smith.

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