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Mango moves into Kingston’s Bentall Centre

Fashion brand Mango is to open a store at The Bentall Centre in Kingston.

The outlet will be situated on the first floor of the centre which has a total of 75 retail units including Hugo Boss, Massimo Dutti and Tommy Hilfiger and attracts approximately 258,000 shoppers per week.

Simon Green, director at Aviva Investors Real Estate, which owns the centre, said: “Kingston is renowned for its affluent catchment and the Bentall Centre continues to attract a higher number of affluent customers that reside in the catchment.”

He added: “The delivery of our asset management strategy is designed to ensure we continue to optimise our destination relevance. Our retail and leisure leasing plans are being complemented by an investment into shopper spaces, guest services and experiences to increase shopper visits, dwell time and ultimately the sales performances of our retail partners.”

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