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Kingston University Civic Reception for whole community

Kingston University invites the local community to its annual showcase event, including an opportunity to tour the new landmark Town House building.

Kingston University will open its doors to the public on 12 June for an event bringing the University and community together, showcasing the local, regional and global impact of the work of its staff and students.

The annual civic reception is a celebration of Kingston University at the heart of the region – a chance for people who live and work in the borough to visit Penrhyn Road campus and find out more about how we transform lives through our diverse and vibrant learning community.

Visitors to the event will be treated to expert talks and thought provoking panel sessions, interactive workshops, performances and exhibitions. Guests will also be able to book tours of the University’s new flagship Town House building, due for completion in 2019.

Come and meet those who will inspire the next generation of graduates, find out about our life-changing research and be part of your local University.

Kingston University Events Team
T: 020 8417 3652

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