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Festival to celebrate pioneering Kingston-born photographer


Kingston Museum will be holding a festival to celebrate the work and life of the famous Kingston-born photographer and inventor Eadweard Muybridge, from Tuesday 29 May to Saturday 2 June.

This is the second year that the museum is celebrating Muybridge Week and will be focussing on the creative presentation of Muybridge through poetry. The week is sponsored by Arts Council England and has been developed within the West London Wonders ‘Partnership for Excellence’ project.

Muybridge Week 2018 features various inspiring events for all, including:

  • Poetry readings inspired by Muybridge’s eclectic production and by internationally acclaimed poets Brendan Cleary and Stephen Tapscott.
  • Screenings of Muybridge inspired short animations presented by students of Kingston College’s animation course.
  • Family animated movie making workshops.
  • Sessions on handling original Muybridge artefacts.
  • A lecture on the cultural foundations and legacies of Eadweard Muybridge in Kingston.
    Seoyoung Kim, Curator at Kingston Museum, said: “The aim of the festival is to open up the museum to new audiences by developing existing connections between Eadweard Muybridge’s work and the wider creative arts landscape.

“Muybridge Week will feature fun events to engage different audiences, from young families to researchers.”

Muybridge was a pioneer of movement and motion pictures projection and his work continues to have a wide-ranging influence on modern culture today. In 1904 he passed his personal collection to the newly built Kingston Museum. The Muybridge Collection at Kingston Museum is one of four preeminent collections worldwide, with a distinctive local and personal connection to the photographer himself.

All events are free to attend. For events that require advance booking, visit For more information visit

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