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Car park sale will allow Kingston shopping centre regeneration to proceed

Kingston Council has agreed to sell a town centre car park so that the Eden Walk shopping centre regeneration can proceed.

The sale of Neville House Yard Car Park to developer Danehurst was approved in March but the decision was called in by the community for reasons including opposition to the sale of council land and of a car park.

However, at a Scrutiny Panel meeting on 7 June the council rejected the call-in to allow the sale, and development, to proceed.

The car park and Eden Street frontage (57 Eden St) will now be developed for a retail ground floor unit and 40 residential units.

The Eden Walk regeneration is a mixed-use scheme which will provide 28 new retail units, over 3,150 sq.m of new office accommodation, 380 new homes (10% starter units), 12 restaurants/cafes, a new cinema and a public square.

The project is led by British Land/USS but a small part of the site, Gough House (57 Eden St) and Neville House Yard car park, will be developed by Danehurst to enable relocation of Sainsbury’s from the the Eden Walk shopping centre.

And according to council papers for the Scrutiny Panel meeting, the loss of the car park is not considered significant.

“There are over 7,000 car parking spaces in Kingston town centre, in public and private ownership. There are over 1,500 car parking spaces within 300m of Neville House Yard car park (Eden Walk, Ashdown Rd surface, St James Rd, Kingston Fairfield). Occupancy data reveals that the car parks are not at full capacity other than for a few days immediately prior to Christmas. Current retail trends show that footfall is reducing in the town centre, thus reducing projected overall demand for parking. The loss of 30 spaces is not considered to have an adverse impact of any material nature,” the papers state.

Picture shows how the new Eden Walk Shopping Centre is expected to look

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