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Kingston First outlines plans for the future

Kingston First is commissioning a research project into the health of Kingston town centre to help shape plans for the future.

The initiative was outlined in the organisation’s annual report for 2017-18, along with plans for a Halloween extravaganza and a commitment to improve further the resoundingly-successful Christmas market.

Achievements from the past year were highlighted too. They include the 9,280 Keep it Kingston cards handed out to Kingston employees to encourage them to spend time in the town. A total of 235 employees attended nine free workshops organised by Kingston First, including social media skills, employment law and first aid.

Kingston First’s Ranger Team removed 704 graffiti pieces, deep-cleaned 98,000 square metres of pavement and installed 260 hanging baskets and floral displays in the town, in the last year.

Read the full report by clicking here.

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