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Eden Walk

The regeneration of Eden Walk is a major landmark project that will propel Kingston’s standing as a major retail destination into the shopping stratosphere. The development from British Land and USS, owners of Eden Walk Shopping Centre, would create a 300% increase in retail and leisure trade at Eden Walk, meeting an identified need for modern units to entice more aspirational and luxury retailers into the town. The plans also include a boutique cinema, new dining terrace and cafés including a sky restaurant, as well as 385 apartments. The tallest building would be 16 stories high. The proposal has been submitted to Kingston Council and if approval is granted by early 2016 as is hoped, work would start on site in spring 2017, with the new centre opening for Christmas 2019.

The new development would replace the existing Eden Walk centre where 28 popular retailers such as M&S, Heal’s and Sainsbury’s, attract 11 million visitors each year.

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