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A game-changing 376-home, £190m investment has been approved by Kingston Council. CNM Estates plan involves the part-conversion of Tolworth Tower, to create 108 homes and 68 serviced apartments, as well as construction of four adjacent high rise blocks – 19, 15, 12 and 5-storeys high. These will contain 200 homes, as well as commercial units at ground level.

Lidl’s plans for new headquarters in the former Hook Venturer Sports Club in Jubilee Way, have been submitted for planning approval. The scheme for the 220,000ft building involves an office where up to 750 people will work and space for 445 cars.

Real estate investment firm Meyer Bergman has acquired the Toby Jug site in Hook Rise South from Tesco. The supermarket had designated the plot for 705 in buildings ranging in height from three to 18 storeys, as well as a convenience store, a doctor’s surgery and day nursery, with associated car parking and a bus interchange. This planning application remains live.

Premier Inn’s owners, Whitbread plc, have received planning permission to demolish Tolworth Garage in Kingston Road and build an eight-storey, 137-room hotel.

Kingston Council is working on a new regeneration strategy for the area to tie together proposed developments and identify where further rejuvenation is required.


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