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New Malden

Kingston Futures wants to attract new investors and to be well-placed to bid for funds to help breathe new life into the High Street. The residents-led Cocks Crescent project is at the centre of a plan that will provide a new heart for New Malden. Residents’ associations, businesses and a local architect have come together under the New Malden Future Group Banner, working in partnership with Kingston Council officers, to discuss possibilities for the site. These include: delivering a high quality, mixed-use development with shops, offices, housing and community services, creating attractive pedestrian links between New Malden High Street, Burlington Road, Blagdon Road and Blagdon Road Open Space, introducing a new community hub around a public square.

The refurbishment of a major office scheme in the area is also underway. CI Tower sits adjacent to the railway line and offers 16 floors, each of 5,370 sq ft, together with a new reception area.

New Malden was established when the railway arrived in December 1846 and now has a population of around 28,500. It is now home to more than 3,495 Koreans, which is 2.2 per cent of the borough’s population and the largest Korean community in England and Wales. New Malden is the shopping and cultural centre for the Korean community of South West London. Services for investors from Korea are provided via the Korean Information Centre. This includes support to find schooling (with many settling in the borough to access the excellent provision) and housing, as well as support regarding translation and visa applications. New business tenants to New Malden include those moving from more costly central London locations. The area is on the main line into Waterloo which can be reached in 26 minutes, with trains every 10 minutes. Heathrow is only 15 miles away.

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