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Kingstonfirst has pioneered services for town centre businesses, from recycling collections to a crime-reducing radio system.

It was the UK’s first Business Improvement District and is a commercially led, independent, not-for-profit company, established in 2004 by town centre businesses to champion their interests and deliver positive change. The priority for the first five-year term (2005-2009) was creating a safer and cleaner town centre, while the second term (2010-2014) focused on marketing and promoting Kingston, along with opportunities for community engagement and for businesses to drive down costs. The focus for the third term (2015-2019) is to deliver a more innovative, commercial and bespoke approach to shape the town centre’s future through close collaboration with its partners. It represents about 940 business properties who pay a levy that generates an annual sum for Kingstonfirst to reinvest in the town centre and deliver projects that fulfil the businesses’ priorities.

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