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The 900-seat Rose Theatre, built on a Tudor-style floorplan, is a jewel in Kingston’s crown. One of the most exciting productions of recent times is Trevor Nunn’s trilogy of plays, The Wars of the Roses, featuring Henry VI, Edward IV and Richard III, billed as Shakespeare’s Game of Thrones.

Its start-studded cast features Joely Richardson, Robert Sheehan, Kare Conradi, Alex Waldmann and Rufus Hound.

The Rose opened on January 16, 2008 with a production of Uncle Vanya, directed by Sir Peter Hall. Visiting companies hosted by the Rose include Headlong, English Touring Theatre, the Young Vic, Peter Brook, Bath Theatre Royal, Northern Broadsides, Filter and the Factory.

It has also Time to Talks with eminent figures such as Sheila Hancock, Penelope Keith, Sir Peter Hall, Alan Bennett, Judi Dench and Timothy West.

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