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Go Development

Pictured: Artist’s impression of the proposed Riverside Boardway, taken from very early concepts presented in the original bid.

In 2014, Kingston Council was one of just three local authorities who won a bid for a share of £100 million worth of funding from the Mayor of London and Transport for London under the Mini-Holland programme. This is a programme designed to encourage more people to cycle, more frequently and safer while providing better streets and places for everyone.

With its allocation of over £30 million, the Council plans to relieve the pressure of a growing population on the borough’s transport network by improving cycling facilities and road safety, whilst at the same time enhancing Kingston’s public spaces.

‘Go’ is the council’s sustainable travel brand and it’s here, under ‘The Go Programme’, that Kingston’s Mini-Holland work is taking place. ‘Go’ is about  keeping Kingston moving sustainably as the population grows but the spaces for travelling around remain the same.

The programme is looking at a number of key routes and spaces across the borough to enhance and improve to keep Kingston moving in the future. The Go Programme aims to:

  • prepare the borough to deal with future transport demands alongside a growing population
  • relieve public transport pressures by supporting more sustainable travel choices and making better use of existing spaces
  • encourage more people to cycle and walk by providing better and safer cycle links, footways and crossings throughout the borough
  • provide additional public spaces and attractive features that will enhance the borough and improve existing ones
  • improve the quality of life for residents by establishing better and safer links between key locations, such as community facilities, workplaces, shops, schools, attractions and open spaces
  • create opportunities to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, in a cleaner environment.

Main highlights of the developments include:

  • developing an attractive new public plaza outside Kingston train station with  improved access and crossings, a significantly enhanced arrival experience to Kingston and new cycling hub/s
  • enhancing Kingston’s riverfront with a Riverside Boardway that will improve access and facilities for the local community and visitors
  • opening a large, bio diverse strip of private land to create a direct, non-motorised link from New Malden to Raynes Park
  • improving the Kingston town centre ring road to make it a safer and more attractive gateway to Kingston.

Key concepts across the developments are:

  • creating and enhancing public spaces with attractive features and street furniture
  • transforming cycling infrastructure and facilities, with protected cycle lanes, increased cycle parking and cycle hubs
  • improving road safety with better and additional crossings
  • improving facilities, access and connectivity for those travelling on foot and bicycle

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