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Crossrail 2 will pave the way for major economic growth in Kingston, with all of the borough’s stations earmarked as stops on the £27 billion network.

The railway would link south-west to north-east London through the centre of the city and will provide faster and more frequent journeys into London for Kingston residents.

Berrylands, Chessington North, Chessington South, Kingston, Motspur Park, New Malden, Norbiton, Surbiton and Tolworth are stops on the route. The greater access to London’s financial and business districts should provide development opportunities in such sectors as housing, leisure and commerce.

All stations in the borough served by Crossrail 2 will see an increase in their service level.

There will also be reductions in journey times to places such as the West End, through Tottenham Court Road station, for example, which will take 30 minutes rather than 45, from Kingston station.

There has been intense lobbying for Crossrail 2 from interested partners including Kingston Council which has helped to progress the project.

In outer London, it will run mainly on existing railway lines and is expected to be operational by 2030, with a planning application likely in 2017 and construction underway by 2020.

Over half of the costs of the scheme could be met by London using existing funding mechanisms. These include fares revenue, the Business Rate Supplement, Mayoral Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), council tax precept, and the resale of land and property.

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