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Kingston is among the best-connected town centres in London – just 12 miles from central London.


Kingston is just 12 miles from central London and trains make the 25-minute journey to London Waterloo every 15 minutes. The station is in London Underground Zone 6 so Oyster cards can be used there. Kingston is also a stop on the proposed Cross Rail 2.


Kingston is centrally located with easy access to both of London’s main airports. Heathrow is a 30-minute drive or bus journey, while Gatwick is 45 minutes. 


Approximately 40 bus routes connect the town centre to Greater London, Surrey and Heathrow Airport. 


Approximately 110, 000 potentially-cyclable trips are made across the borough every day. A cycling superhub at Kingston station, a new 700-metre boardway along the river and improved cycleways throughout the borough are all options after funding was secured under the London Mayor’s ‘mini-Hollands’ scheme. 


Regular boat trips run from Kingston to Hampton Court Palace, Richmond and Twickenham, and boat-owners have free 24-hour mooring options with paid longer-stays.


The M25 is eight miles away, and the town centre is well provisioned for car parking with a number of easily-accessibly and clearly signposted car parks. The borough’s strategic road network includes the A3 Kingston bypass.

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