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Upcoming cultural events in Kingston


Upcoming events at The Rose Theatre

An Evening with Sir Michael Parkinson
11 March 7.30pm
Celebrates the life and career of a man who has interviewed over 2000 of the most important cultural figures of the 20th and 21st centuries. In conversation with his son Mike and showing highlights from the Parkinson archive, An Evening with Sir Michael Parkinson is a unique opportunity to get an intimate, entertaining and informative look at his remarkable journey from a pit village in Yorkshire to the top of those famous stairs whilst reliving the best moments from a show that for many defined their Saturday night.

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
9 Feb – 17 Feb
Adapted by David Edgar, directed by Kate Saxon, starring Phil Daniels
A Rose Theatre Kingston and Touring Consortium Theatre Company co-production
A twisted tale of nerve-jangling horror, this adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic gothic thriller stars Phil Daniels as the extraordinary Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
During one of his audacious experiments trying to separate good from evil, the well-respected Dr Jekyll inadvertently unleashes an alternative personality… the fiendish Mr Hyde.
As this sinister figure starts causing terror and havoc in foggy London, Jekyll must race to find a cure for his monstrous alter-ego before it takes over for good.
Phil Daniels’ extensive and varied credits include Jimmy Cooper in Quadrophenia, Richards in Scum and Kevin Wicks in EastEnders. He has worked with the RSC and National Theatre and has appeared on stage in productions as diverse as Les Miserables and This House. Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde is a Rose co-production with Touring Consortium Theatre Company.

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
3 Feb, 7.30pm
Sold out, please contact the Box Office on 0208 174 0090 to join the waiting list.

The best new acts from South West London
2 Feb, 7.30pm
Sound of the Times 18 Live! Album Launch Gig
Check out the best emerging music acts! Celebrating the release of Sound of the Times 18 album – representing a variety of genres at a special gig. Performing their original compositions, all the acts hail from south west London and Surrey. These are the top 10 acts from the competition, judged by an panel of industry experts led by Ace (Skunk Anansie), and then recorded and mentored by producer Tony Briscoe (Beverly Knight).
Featuring performances from:
Abbie Bull
Wil Tindall
Elisabete Barros
Jessica Spink
Craig Lewis
Daisy Phillips
Luca Mohamed
Matthew Briggs
Claudia Raddon

Jenny Eclair – How To Be A Middle Aged Woman (Without Going Insane)
1 February, 7.30pm
Following a complete sell-out 100 date tour, Jenny Eclair extends her hit tour for the final time. Professional grumpy old woman, Splash survivor, amateur soup maker, and novice knitter Jenny is younger than Madonna but eats crisps and likes wine. Semi –bearded and suffering from outbreaks of gout and hysteria, Eclair puts middle age under the microscope and decides whether to laugh, cry or buy a dachshund! You are most welcome to join her, just button your cardi up properly and wipe that lipstick off your teeth.

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Upcoming events All Saints Church 

Writers’ Centre Kingston presents The English Pen Modern Literature Festival
8 March 7pm
Over a dozen contemporary English writers present new works, each in tribute to a writer who is part of the English PEN Writer’s at Risk programme, writers living under oppression around the world.
Modernist & avant garde writers, poets, novelists, playwrights and artists come together to continue English PEN’s relationship with innovative contemporary literature. Each of the ten British writers will present brand new poetry, text, reportage, performance on the day. The new works celebrate and evidence the struggle of fellow writers around the world, in solidarity.
The event is intended as a call to membership for writers, artists and readers in a time where we face perilous challenges to our freedom of expression and fundamental rights and hard fought liberties, both internationally and here in the UK. As the world changes so remarkably, and so rapidly, and on a global scale, it is vital the political will of our time and this generation of young, dynamic writers is directed purposefully to the work of English PEN, the writer’s charity. The hope is this festival, away from creating new members of PEN, begins involvements and connections which will have exponential resonance for decades to come.
The event is free to attend but attendees are encouraged to join English PEN. The event is part of the wider English PEN Modern Literature Festival.

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