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SMEs urged to engage with UK’s largest procurement organisation at showcase event

The UK’s largest procurement organisation – the Crown Commercial Service – is holding a showcase day on 15 March as it aims to increase the level of procurement spend going to SMEs to £1 in every £3 by 2020.

Procurex England South at Olympia London is held in partnership with the Crown Commercial Service, Local Government Association, CIPS, NEPO, Social Value Portal, AGMA and NHS London Procurement Partnership, all of whom will be exhibiting at the events.

Businesses are urged to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to directly engage with the Crown Commercial Service, whose annual framework spend is over £12.4 billion per annum. The official CCS showcase 2018 will will give framework and non framework suppliers the opportunity to find out how to tender for, and secure more public sector contracts.

The Crown Commercial Service actively states that it is ‘open for business’ as it aims to increase the level of procurement spend going to SMEs to £1 in every £3 by 2020. Selling to the public sector is a great commercial move – in addition to guaranteed payment, you are also paid on time. By exhibiting at or sponsoring Procurex England South 2018, you will showcase your company to over 800 delegates from the public procurement marketplace at each event.

To find out more about the full range of sponsorship and exhibition opportunities available to businesses of all sizes, from SMEs right through to large corporate organisations, please call 0845 270 7066 or email

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