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More Go Cycle schemes get the go ahead

Kingston Council has approved the construction of two more schemes in the £30 million Go Cycle programme aimed at transforming sustainable travel in the borough.

The council is one of three local authorities to secure funding from the Mayor of London and Transport for London to improve walking and cycling facilities, road safety and public spaces across the borough.

The Go Cycle programme includes 10 new linked development schemes. The council’s Residents Committee this week (Tuesday) approved the detailed design and construction of two of those schemes, Kingston High Street and New Malden to Raynes Park.

The Kingston High Street scheme includes plans to create a two-way cycle lane that extends and connects the completed Go Cycle scheme at Portsmouth Road directly to the town centre.

Meanwhile, a new 1.2km walking and cycling path from New Malden to Raynes Park will open up an entirely traffic free route between New Malden railway station and the Raynes Park Recreation Ground in Merton.

The path will run along Thames Water land, parallel to the railway line, passing under the A3 Kingston by-pass and avoiding busy or lengthy alternative routes. Journey times between these areas will be significantly improved for pedestrians and cyclists.

Deputy leader and Go Cycle portfolio holder Councillor Terry Paton said: “During the public consultation on these schemes in the summer we held multiple events with the public and in schools, where we were able to gather helpful feedback from the public which we have listened to and have incorporated into our final plans. It’s pleasing to be able to now progress these schemes that help build the Go Cycle network to keep Kingston moving.”

Go Cycle member officer board councillor Hilary Gander said: “Public engagement has played an important part in helping shape the Go Cycle plans and it’s good to see that the feedback from the public has helped to further improve these schemes.”

The Go Cycle programme aligns with the Mayor’s Healthy Streets initiative which is aimed at shifting Londoners towards healthier lifestyles and active travel choices. Portsmouth Road, which opened earlier this year, has helped to transform the riverside and has already resulted in an estimate

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