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Kingston’s music scene celebrated in London Borough of Culture results


Kingston’s rich music heritage and contemporary live music scene has won a £90,000 cash injection from the London Mayor’s London Borough of Culture scheme.

Kingston Council congratulated Waltham Forest and Brent councils for winning the London Borough of Culture titles for 2019 and 2020 respectively, following the announcement at City Hall on Tuesday, 27 February.

The council said in a statement: “[We are] delighted to have won a Mayor’s Cultural Impact Award and funding of £90,000 to celebrate the borough’s rich music heritage and support the live music scene across the borough. The proposals include developing a live music circuit across the borough to support emerging talent whilst bringing together communities, artists, venues and promoters to boost cultural opportunities. Join us as we celebrate the distinctive character and diversity of Kingston’s people and places.”

Kingston’s rich music heritage includes the Kingston Folk Barge, where many musicians including Paul Simon played in the 1960s, and the Toby Jug pub in Tolworth where David Bowie launched his Ziggy Stardust tour. The Fighting Cocks hosted jam sessions which included Eric Clapton and The Stones to name but a few. The legacy also includes the history of the Decca music machine and HMV’s Nipper the Dog,

Last year, the Creative Youth charity won funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, Arts Council England and the Royal Borough of Kingston to explore its musical roots  The project focused on three unifying themes; the record industry, musicians/venues and the American Army’s influence. This was celebrated at the International Youth Arts Festival in Kingston last year which involved contemporary musicians.

Photo by: Tangle Photography — at Kingston Market Place during the International Youth Arts Festival- IYAF Kingston 2017

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