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Kingston’s Go Cycle scheme short-listed for prestigious awards

The Go Cycle programme for Kingston has been short-listed for two prestigious awards for architecture and design. Local residents now have the chance to vote our schemes for a further People’s Choice award. The New London Awards feature 160 projects across 15 categories recognising the very best new and proposed architecture, planning and development in the capital.

Supported by the Mayor of London, the New London Awards seek projects of the highest design quality which make a positive contribution to their surroundings and life in the capital. They can include offices, housing, public spaces, community projects and major transport infrastructure.

  • The recently opened Portsmouth Road Go Cycle scheme has been shortlisted in the Transport and Infrastructure category. The category highlights projects that improve the experience of moving around the city and add to the quality of the environment; and infrastructure projects that help London work more efficiently and sustainably.
  • The Kingston Station scheme, which is under construction, has been shortlisted for the Wellbeing category, which includes projects that are designed to improve the health and wellbeing of Londoners.

Local residents are also being encouraged to take part in voting for the People’s Choice Award, in association with the London Festival of Architecture. The general public can vote on their favourite project from the full shortlist by 26 June.

Deputy Leader and portfolio holder for the Go Cycle programme Councillor Terry Paton said:

“Our Go Cycle schemes are aimed at relieving the pressure on the borough’s transport network by providing new facilities for cycling and walking, while improving road safety and public spaces. To be short-listed for such a prestigious award is a fantastic achievement. It demonstrates the Go Cycle programme is providing sustainable, efficient and healthy transport choices for residents. I hope local residents who have been enjoying the new infrastructure along Portsmouth Road take the time to vote for our scheme as it’s truly transformed the riverfront in Kingston.”

Go Cycle board member Councillor Hilary Gander said:

“It’s great news that the Go Cycle programme has been shortlisted for these awards, these developments are helping to change the way people can choose to travel around Kingston.”

The nominations can be viewed here:

The winning projects will be announced on July 5.

Go Cycle is a network of 10 new linked cycle projects across the borough with improvements to footpaths and public spaces.

In 2014, Kingston was allocated £30 million funding from the Mayor of London as part of the Transport for London Mini-Holland Programme. Kingston is one of three local authorities to secure funding for such projects.

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