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Kingston’s ambitious future celebrated as Mayors and Chairs gather for Civic Day

Mayors, their Consorts and Chairs from London and Surrey gathered in Kingston to discover the Royal Borough’s ambitious plans for its future as part of Civic Day.

The group enjoyed a talk on Kingston, focusing on its rich heritage and changing landscape, as well as the impact of the draft London Plan. A walking tour of Kingston town centre showcased the borough’s Ancient Market Place, the Rose Theatre and the riverside including lunch at Comptoir Libanais.

The final visit of the day, 6 March, saw Viv Evans, Head of Planning and Regeneration, take the delegation on a bus tour of key regeneration projects in the borough, including Go Cycle’s Portsmouth Road and Kingston Station schemes, Cambridge Road Estate and the industrial park in Tolworth.

On leading the first Civic Day since 2008, Cllr Julie Pickering, Mayor of Kingston, said: “Kingston is such a good place to live, work and study and I was delighted to showcase our past, present and future to some of my fellow Mayors, their Consorts and Chairs from across London and Surrey. We took them on a tour to show how we are balancing protecting the character, history and culture of our Royal Borough whilst expanding to accommodate the growth in our population and I’ve had some great feedback.”

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