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Kingston upon Thames – Outstanding opportunities for the right investors


Kingston Council has stepped up its presence at this year’s London Real Estate Forum (14 and 15 June), showcasing outstanding opportunities for development in the borough.

With a strong local economy and £1.5billion of development underway, key sites are available for regeneration for community-minded investors. Kingston’s rich heritage, great schools, parks, riverside and retail offer are amongst the reasons for its enduring appeal. The proposed arrival of Crossrail 2 to all 10 stations in the borough will further add to the borough’s excellent transport links to central London and major airports. Developers such as the Berkeley Group, British Land and CNM have already picked up on the potential of the borough with major developments underway.

Opportunities within Kingston include the 8.6 hectare Cambridge Road Estate, for which the council is seeking a joint venture partner. As well as this, the Cocks Crescent site in New Malden and Kingston town centre’s Cattle Market car park and adjacent land present outstanding development opportunities.

Charlie Adan, Kingston Council’s Chief Executive, will take part in the growth densification panel discussion today, Thursday 15 June. Charlie will outline how outer London boroughs can embrace growth and create opportunities for prosperity and jobs for local people.

Director of Place, Roy Thompson will take his place on the South West London Panel which will outline development of the region, its opportunities and challenges. Viv Evans, Head of Planning and Regeneration will deliver a development briefing for the Cambridge Road Estate. Kingston Council’s Group Manager – Strategic Planning, Lisa Fairmaner will give a development overview of the borough as a whole.

On Kingston’s ambitions, Viv Evans said:

“The council is looking to define what good growth in Kingston looks like and is keen to work with partners to develop our vision for the borough. This growth needs to be targeted, creating the right type of employment related development alongside improved amenities and the type of homes that respond to the changing needs of our growing population.

We’re looking for innovative approaches to effective community engagement. We are shaping the borough and that must be a collaborative effort between local people, the council and developers. As a council, this is one of our key priorities and like-minded investors are invited to come and speak to us at the London Real Estate Forum.”

Please come and see us today in the Opportunity London Pavilion to discuss the present and future opportunities in our Royal Borough.

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