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Kingston submits final funding application for community-led regeneration in Tolworth

Kingston Council, in partnership with The Community Brain Community Interest Company, has submitted an application to the Greater London Authority (GLA) to secure funding for SHEDx, a community-led regeneration project in Tolworth. The GLA will now review applications and an announcement of successful projects is expected in March.

The SHEDx programme is designed to harness and develop Tolworth’s spirit, talent and ambition, to ensure that communities are actively involved in shaping change in the area. It complements a number of other projects in the area, namely the Tolworth Area Plan which was open for public consultation in late 2017, and both the Suburban Farming Project and Grow for Good projects being pioneered by The Community Brain. The latter two projects aim to highlight Tolworth’s allotment heritage, history of food growing, and provide community space to inspire a new generation of suburban farmers.

Robin Hutchinson, Director of The Community Brain has said about the Good Growth Fund submission:

“The people of Tolworth and its surrounding areas have lots of ideas, energy and enthusiasm. We hope to create the opportunities to enable them to realise some of their ideas, dreams and ambitions by reimagining the area and ensuring local voices have a positive and active say in the future of Tolworth.”

RBK Cabinet Member for Growth, Cllr David Cunningham said:

“This innovative project, which closely aligns with our Tolworth Area Plan, will ensure that everyone who lives and works in Tolworth will have the opportunity to influence and benefit from the regeneration and transformation of this area, making a place where people are proud to live and spend their time”

The GLA Good Growth Fund seeks to challenge preconceived notions of urban regeneration by funding creative, innovative, inclusive projects that champion innovative design and collaborative working. It will deliver £66 million of capital funding over four years (2017-18 to 2020-21).

The Council partnered with The Community Brain last year to develop an Expression of Interest, and subsequent full application. If successful, SHEDx is expected to start in April 2018. The project would be a pioneering example of how Kingston Council can better work with, and enable communities and stakeholders to deliver good growth in the borough.

(Picture shows volunteers at The Community Brain’s Suburban Farming Project)

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