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Kingston Council defers Meyer Homes planning application

On Wednesday 6 December, the members of Development Control Committee resolved to defer the planning application for the redevelopment of the Former Government Offices site in Tolworth.

The application was deferred for the following reasons:

  • to allow time for officers to assess the implications of the draft London Plan (published on Wednesday 1 December)
  • to allow further time for the applicant to work with officers to explore the possibility of increasing the affordable housing offer, and
  • to allow time for the applicant to agree the legal agreement to ensure community benefits are delivered as required by the Secretary of State in his dismissal of the previous appeal.

In July 2016, Kingston Council refused Meyer Homes’ application to build 705 homes on the grounds of scale, density and impact on traffic and highways. Following this, Meyer Homes lodged an appeal with the planning inspectorate, which was refused.

Click here to see Kingston’s previous statement on Meyer Homes.

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