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Exhibition celebrates Kingston’s links with South Korea


The UK Ambassador to the Republic of Korea, Mr Joonkook Hwang, made a special visit to the Kingston Museum’s latest exhibition on Thursday 6 July.

Titled ‘Through their eyes: depicting Korea and UK, then and now’, the exhibition showcases prints depicting life in Korea, as well as artworks based on experience of life in the UK by Korean artists, some of whom are Kingston residents.

Following the private viewing, a speech was made by the Mayor of Kingston, Councillor Julie Pickering, who highlighted the cultural importance of the blended exhibition and welcomed our honoured guest. The Ambassador followed, thanking the Museum for the insightful showcase.

On visiting Kingston Museum, Ambassador Hwang said:

“I’m delighted to have been able to attend the launch and view the impressive array of artwork depicting both life in Korea and the United Kingdom. Through this exhibition, mutual understanding and appreciation is further deepened and strengthened.”

Mayor of Kingston, Councillor Julie Pickering, added:

“From the Korean Festival in September to upcoming teaching exchanges and much more, there are a huge number of Korean cultural events to look forward to in our Royal Borough. This exhibition is an embodiment of the wonderful blend we have in Kingston and long may this continue to thrive.”

Ambassador Hwang was joined by his wife, Shil Rhee, at the special preview event.

A traditional Korean musical performance brought proceedings to a close.

The exhibition is open to the public until 30 September.


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