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Queenshurst – North Kingston

Project Info

Project Description

North Kingston was a largely derelict tract of land in a prime site near Kingston Station, and an unattractive gateway to the town – until planners made a commitment to turn this around.

The vision is to create a new residential and education-led mixed use quarter, tying together land which is fragmented in ownership and highway infrastructure.

Berkeley Homes is redeveloping the former Kingston Gas Works site, building 328 high quality residential units, a linear park, improved pedestrian and cycle paths, a village hall and a new culinary training restaurant in conjunction with Kingston College.

Kingston College itself, has recently built a three-story Creative Industries Centre. The building offers a 3D workshop, TV studio, music suite, and a mixture of studios and classrooms designed to enhance the learning experience.  A gallery space for exhibitions and performances enables student work to be showcased adjacent to an art café, providing a new social hub for the site.

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