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Chancellor makes no firm commitment to Crossrail 2

Crossrail 2’s future remains uncertain after the Chancellor failed to commit to the major infrastructure project in his Budget.

Hopes had been raised that the Government would respond to Transport for London’s revised costs for the rail network in today’s speech.

However, Philip Hammond merely said: “We continue to work with TfL on the funding and financing of Crossrail 2.”

Crossrail 2 would travel across London from Broxbourne, Hertfordshire to Epsom, Surrey, taking in stations such as Tottenham Court Road and Clapham Junction. Crucially for Kingston, every station in the borough is a designated stop, providing opportunities for much needed development in and around station areas.

It has also been hailed as a critical infrastructure project to tackle overcrowding as a 65 per cent increase in demand is anticipated on SWML services into Waterloo by 2031.

Transport secretary Chris Grayling committed to the scheme in July as long as particular conditions were met including that Londoners pay for half the scheme upfront.

To make this happen, TfL identified additional funding streams alongside further means of reducing the cost of the scheme, and was hopeful the Government would respond to this in the Budget, so that a revised Crossrail 2 schedule could be drawn up.

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