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Calling all businesses! Complete 2018 Kingston Futures Business Survey

All businesses of the borough, whatever your size, sector or location are urged to complete the 2018 Kingston Futures Business Survey before 5pm on 16 March.

Click here to do so.

Kingston Council has recently endorsed its Economic Growth and Development Strategy which sets out how the borough aims to support the growth of our economy and increase opportunity for the borough’s businesses. One of the priorities of the strategy is facilitating the provision of a business support programme, designed to ensure that local businesses can thrive and adapt in an ever changing marketplace.

To ensure the programme is appropriate and effective, a thorough and up-to-date understanding of today’s business support needs is required. To that end the 2018 Kingston Futures Business Survey has been launched.

Once all feedback has been evaluated, the council will report back to participants.

Any information given will be treated confidentially and the platform is secure. Responses will be anonymised, analysed and reported in a way that prevents identification of any individual.

If you would like more information on the survey or the business support packages currently on offer, please get in touch with the team via:

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